My NEW Religous Page!

Dear Friends, This is my NEW Religous page, created as I promised you that it would be!I belive that the Lord G-D of Israel let my old site be hacked so that I could create a newer, better one in his holy name! What makes this new page different from the old one is that the old one was just a set of links that had a small header teller how I loved G-D and how he had done countless miracles in my life, including saving my life on SEVERAL occasions, clearing the weather to allow me to reach a loved one, and so on.In fact I even created my first religous page out of a promise to G-D that if he cleared that weather I would make it for him. That verry moment the clouds shifted and the fog split and went up intot he sky and disipated.Now he has a new message for me to preach, he just had to let me loose the old page to get the message clear to me, I asked for a sighn and he give me one, the LORD works in misterious ways but he ALWAYS has a plan for his works and us mortals as well. Regardless of anything else, I have ALWAYS believed that the jewish people were the choosen ones of G-D. Even though I consider myself still a jew, I disagree with a large number of the common preachings of my people. They are the choosen people of G-D that is a fact written in heaven!However they have gone off the path that he would have prefered for them!He sent the messiah Christ here to clense our sinse.He knew that we were corropt so he let himself be slain of the Cross by the Sword of the Roman and the chear of too many of our people. Have we forgotten the miracles that he performed? Even the very generation that witnessed those miracles turned him away. Some joined his faith and preached to the gentiles but hope for the rest of us is not lost.Remember the story of the protical child, or how even the taxpayers and prostitutes were forgiven and blessed when they repented. Yes, even the thief on the cross that allowed Christ into his heart in his final moments of life, recieved a new life eternal. G-D has a plan for our people, NONE can writefully denie that, not even the aryan nazis, the book of Revolation and Isiah are in their Bibles after all. The time of the second coming is amoung us, Israel has been reborn for the finnal time, and the world is coming closer, and closer to a one world government.If you read revoluation then you will notice that it is the the living creater with the head of a lion that shouts "Come out" as a warrior on a white hours comes out holding a bow, having won many victories and going on to win many more.The lion represents the lions of Zion, ISRAEL!It was the Messiah Christ that preached this to a man on an island set up as a prision by the savage-unfaithfulls!In the final battle two men will preach in in Israel day and night for THREE AND A HALF YEARS! They will cut off all rain from the world and bring seeming doom to the planet trying to get the peoles attention of G-D.They will be stubborn though and when the Beast of santan kills them the people will rejoice for three days before the two profits will come back to life and rise to heaven in front of all of the peoples of all the Earth. ONLY in this recent century has modern communication made that possible, and ONLY now has Israel won the many battles and goes on win more, all with in the SAME fifty years ago. Chance alone, I think not! In the finnal battle the armies of the planet will meet on the mountain of Armagedan, which just happens to be in Israel! There the Messiah Christ will come as a Mediator, and THEN once the army of darkness is thrown in the sea of burning fire and ALL people, including we jews reconise his glory, THEN the world will have a thousand years of peace and glory, as Israel and it's God rule the ENTIRE world without pain or war! The point that I'm trying to make is that we MUST work to prepare Israel for the second coming of the Messiah.We MUST! I don't care how many people are against me in my crusade either. I honestly mean that too.For I know that even if EVERY Jew and EVERY gentile were to attack me G-D would be on my side, and even if I were slain I know that it would be for a purpose and I would have a seat waiting for me in Heaven. I would prefer a few years of missery compared to endless millenia of pain. As The book of Joshua told us "As for my house and myself we will serve the LORD!".

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