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Israel Volunteer International Corps

The reason that the National Alliance is our "evil enemy" is becuase they are a white supremest and antiseminist group that has penetrated the American govt.,military,police, and intelligence agencies along with parts of the United Nations as well. As a result they have become a major security threat to both Israel and America alike.If you have any information on this or anyother threat to Israel or the world wide Jewish community, you may contact Allience Hunter at you may remain anonomus if you wish, and don't have to become a volunteer, but new volunteers are always welcomed with open arms. To become a volunteer you don't have to have any special position in politics. Ordinary citizens are welcome to become volunteers also and even form IVIC splinter groups in their home towns if they wish. If you are a member of a group such as National Alliance,Hamas, or anyother like you may contacts Allience Hunter and he will discuss a plan with you to make you informants.

Hamas is also our enemy becuase they terrorise out streets with bombs, and guns. IVIC does not hold any offical hatred of ANY kind to arabs or Palistinians, but terrorism against jews and Israeli citizens must NEVER be allowed to occur without justice!


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Israel Volunteer International Corps

IVIC is to Israel what the Civil Air Patrol is to America Air Force. They work directly with The Israel Defence Forces(IDF), to report all threats to the nations National Security World Wide. It consists soley of volunteers, from nations across the globe, who go out of their way to monitor anti-israel terrorist groups, and then report all important intell to their leader Executive Director Allience Hunter who then in turn reports to his higher ups. If you have any more questines or would like to contact the Director you may reach him at Thankyou your input is always welcome.