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What the IVIC Rangers stand for.

The Israel Volunteer International Corps(IVIC) is for the most part a peacefull and political branch or the Israel Security, and that of the world wide Jewish community. Both IVIC and it's leader prefer peace and talk to violence. Unfortulently our opponents are not always under the same mindset as we are. They burn our holy temples, they shoot our people in the streets for praying to Zion and being proud of their Jewish heritige. This is WRONG! The holocost was looked over for YEARS before America steped in and said that it was wrong and needed to stop. Why? It didn't effect them, that's why! But it does effect us, becuase IT IS US! NO holocost nomatter how small, must be allowed to happen. NONE! That is where the IVIC Rangers step in. They are COMPLETELY DEFENCE, not offence. When a nazi or hamas rebel attacks a jew family we step in and STOP them. It may not always be politicaly correct, but it's the right thing to do! We are not killers. We do not look to fight and kill those just becuae they oppose us and talk bad of us, or even view the holocost as a thing of glory. When it comes to those things, that's THEIR problem and something THEY will have to face when they die and meet Gods wrath. But when they attack and kill our people then it becomes OUR problem, and we must do EVERYTHING that we can to stop them!

Not all IVIC members become IVIC Rangers.Most volunteers will never even talk to one of them beond their Feild and politcal Commander Allience Hunter. He is Field Commander to the Rangers, and Political Commander for the rest of the Volunteers. Most simply he's just refered to as the Executive Director of IVIC. So if you would like to become a volunteer but not a Ranger that's fine and most members decide to pick that choice. For those who want to become Rangers though please keep reading the rest of this.

To become an IVIC Ranger prior experience is prefered in military groups, but by no means required. It is volunteer, and if you have leadership qualities and their isn't already a group in your area you can ask to head your own splinter group under the rank or Second Lt. Those under you would be assigned their rank according to your decision but NONE could recieve a rank higher than, or equal to your own if they are under your command.If you are interested please write to we hope to hear from you soon volunteer!

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